These funds help fuel art grants and provide resources and materials to teachers as well as professional development so we can keep learning as we continue teaching. The Art Fund helps to ensure that arts education is available in our local community through creating opportunities and the development of programs. They go to support so many members in our community that are cultivating their craft as full time artists and students of the arts they go to projects as well as funds for events in the community, families and K-12 as well. Your generous contribution as a sponsor helps us to provide film equipment, books, resources, educational material, experienced instructors, art supplies, dance shoes, admin software and tools as well as so many other things and resources to serve our artists to create, make original pieces and new works of art as well as teach in the local communities they are desiring to serve. 


Art Serve connects art students with opportunities in leadership and mentoring. Your contribution helps financially support artists who are desiring to do missions, serve full time, and impact lives as they are discipled in their calling. Art Serve creates opportunities in the local community to bridge families and communities together working alongside one another to pray and to build. Working alongside one another to create impact through communities through involvement in the family. Working alongside one another to disciple the family and community to God’s heart. Whether it be one book, one paintbrush at a time. The opportunity to speak, to teach. To reach.


We are fund raising at this time to provide mentoring, discipleship and arts related activities, programs and classes to students at this time. If you are a parent of a High school student that is interested in the Arts we provide volunteer opportunities for them to get involved and community service hours. We are also providing Art classes for students in Middle through High school as well as Public or Homeschooling Students. Please fill out a survey below

  • Become a part of our PTO

  • Help us fund raise for the local community

  • Help us teach more classes, hire more teachers and spread more impact

  • Be a part of our growing creative community

  • Get involved in our campaigns and kick starters for Art Spaces and Studio Space

Teach with Us!

Have experience and want to pass down your knowledge, teach, inspire, then come and build with us as we seek to employ artists with in the arts and provide opportunities for youth.

Volunteer with Us!

Have skills you are willing to share, partner with us and use your talents for implementing creative programs and resources in the local Palm Beach community.

  • Mentoring, discipleship and leadership opportunities
  • Opportunities to serve in your local area
  • Fund raise for local Art students and Classroom needs
  • Host and create your own classes when you decide to teach/mentor High school- Middle school students full time or part time
  • Develop you own curriculum with the assistance of a Creative mentor and oversight of a Program Director
  • Gain valuable entrepreneurial skills learning to create opportunities for local youth to fund activities and host fundraising events
  • Work with your peers collaborating on creative projects
  • Work with Student Mentees providing them with support and building lasting relationships
  • Become a part of a community, a growing family, discipling and seeking to make disciples after the Fathers heart.

  • Mentoring
  • Creative Community
  • Independent Research
  • Independent Art Projects
  • Student Films